our Approach

Our approach developed from a practical question: how do we help those with chronic mental health and medical conditions who have not responded optimally to conventional treatments?

Care at our clinic is:

Personalized. We consider each person comprehensively, from biography to microbiology. Our recommendations are highly customized to support each person’s unique strengths and challenges.  

Collaborative. We believe patients hold important keys to their healing: we value their insights and preferences, and we empower them to make changes in the many areas of their lives that can facilitate healing.

Investigative. We seek to understand and address the underlying causes of symptoms. We consider a broad and subtle range of factors affecting health, including specialized lab work that can help us detect small but clinically-significant imbalances

Gentle. Compromised health is often the result of aggregated stress from physiological, lifestyle, and psychological factors, and treatments should not be added stressors. We recommend gentle options that support the body’s natural capacity to heal.

Resilience-Building. Health is not just the absence of symptoms, but resiliency in the face of inevitable stressors. While symptom relief may be an outcome of our care, we ultimately aim to create lasting change for our patients – equipping them with the tools to support their bodies and minds for long-term vitality.