Integrative Psychiatry

A New Paradigm in Mental Health

Our approach to mental health and other brain-based conditions seeks to:

Identify Root Causes. Just as a fever is a symptom requiring further investigation, we consider depression, anxiety, and other neuropsychiatric concerns to be symptoms of underlying conditions. We approach these challenges with the question, “due to what?,” and use a range of analytical tools to consider possible factors. These include detailed histories and specialized labwork to detect biomarkers

Consider the Brain in Context. The health of the brain is connected to the state of the body. While this statement may seem obvious, it is often overlooked in more conventional approaches. Integrative psychiatry offers more possibilities for resolution by taking into account a broad range of factors influencing brain health, such as the gut-brain axis, the immune system, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Treat Holistically. Rather than reaching for a silver bullet, we believe treatments should address the full scope of factors that contribute to neuropsychiatric health. Our recommendations encompass several strategies – from nutritional supplementation to lifestyle changes. As with all areas of our practice, we make gentle, natural recommendations.

Support the Brain’s Natural Capacity for Healing. Until recently, psychiatry has operated under the assumption that the brain has limited capacity to heal itself and adapt. We now know that the brain can create new neurons and adapt to new patterns (neuroplasticity), even during adulthood. This ability informs all our recommendations – especially our neurotherapy program, which more directly encourages neuroplasticity.