Preparing for Your First Visit

Registration Packet and Invitation for the Patient Portal

Once we register you or your child as a patient, you will then receive an email from our EMR (electronic medical record) system, MD-HQ, allowing you to join the patient portal and complete the required registration paperwork.

After you log on for the first time, please complete the required new patient package for the clinic by reviewing and signing the following forms

  • Demographic Form
  • Informed Consent(s)
  • Office Practice and Policies and Procedures
  • Credit Card Agreement.

For pediatric patients, both parents are required to sign the informed consent consents. We recommend that both parents come for at least the first visit. If one parent cannot come, they can either Skype into the first visit or come to the second visit. We also will have a paper copy of the informed consent for you to sign prior to the first visit. If one parent is unable to come to the first visit, we ask that you print out the informed consent and have at least the parent who will not be preset sign it prior to coming to the first visit.

What to Expect on the First Visit

Your first visit will generally be about 2 hours. The first visit will involve discussing your or your child’s history in depth, taking a broad view of all the factors impacting health and laying the foundation for future work. Dr. Chandra will also order labs and provide dietary and supplement recommendations, whenever indicated.

For Children

For appointments for younger children, Dr. Chandra generally like to spend time interviewing the parents alone for some time. This allows the parents to be candid about their concerns. So, you may want to bring a friend or family member with you to wait with your child in the waiting room or a play area if you are not comfortable leaving them alone. Also, there will be a great deal of information to review during the appointment, so if your child requires frequent supervision, you may want to bring someone else to help out so you can focus on the medical information. If you have been candid about your child’s health concerns and challenges and do not think that such a discussion would cause any distress to your child, you can meet as a group for the entire time. This may be appropriate if you child’s health challenges are primarily physical, i.e. stomach issues or fatigue. For teenage children, Dr. Chandra finds it helpful to spend time interviewing both the child and parents alone before meeting as a group. This can be done during the two hour initial appointment. Or, if you prefer, Dr. Chandra can divide the evaluation into two one hour sessions. Please tell us if you would prefer this option.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

We ask that you take some time to prepare for the first visit so Dr. Chandra can best make use of your time.

  1. Prior labs and Medical records
    • Please provide records from the last two years, including any laboratory test results. We also recommend sending or bringing all your records from any holistic or integrative doctors. You may either fax, upload onto the patient portal, or bring records to appointment. Please do not email any medical information as it is not secure and we will not be sharing or receiving medical information by email.
    • For information on how to upload information onto the patient portal, please see our FAQ page.
  1. Supplements and Medication
    • Please bring the all of the current supplements and medications in the original bottles that you or your child are currently taking (not just the list).
  1. Medical History/Intake
    • For Younger Children (optional but highly recommended): Please send a written list of all current supplements as well as a brief (1 or 2 page) narrative of your child’s challenges.
    • For Older Children and Adults Please complete the medical intake form that will be sent to you by MD-HQ. Please send this in at least 2 days prior to your appointment.

New Patient Checklist

  1. Register and Join in MD-HQ
  2. Complete New Patient Packet ( Demographic Form, HIPAA, Informed Consent(s), and Office Practice and Policies and Procedures, Credit Card Agreement) on the Patient Portal
  3. Obtain the patient prior labs and medical records for the past two years and either fax the records, upload them onto the patient portal, or bring them to the appointment.
  4. Gather all the patient’s current supplements and medications to bring to the appointment
  5. Optional for children 14 and younger: 1-2 page narrative of child’s challenges 2 days before appointment
  6. For patients 14 and older: fill out medical intake form sent to you by MD-HQ 2 days before appointment

We appreciate the work and effort our patients put towards healing. Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you.