Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs

Do you take Insurance?
Insurance companies discourage taking time to listen and understand the complexity of each patient. They are also selective about what clinical activities they cover and what they do not. Because of this, Dr. Chandra is presently not contracted with any insurance companies. Payment is due at the time of service.
Will my insurance reimburse visits with Dr. Chandra?
If you have a PPO insurance and have met your deductible, it is likely that a large percentage of the charges will be reimbursed to you at the out-of-network rate. In addition, services may apply towards qualified medical expenses if you have a Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) through your employer or Health Savings Account (HSA).

We will provide you with an itemized superbill that will include appropriate ICD (medical diagnostic codes) and CPT (procedure codes) for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement after you have made payment to our office. Then, you can usually obtain claim submission forms on the website of your insurance carrier.

How often will I or my child need to be seen?
After the first appointment, patients generally come back in 6-8 weeks to do a review of the recommended labs. After that, patients usually follow up every 2-3 months. Once you or your child are doing better, visits can be spaced out to every 4-6 months.
What are your rates?

Appointments with Dr. Chandra are $600 per hour.

New patient appointments are typically 1.5 – 2 hours long, and follow up appointments are typically 1 – 1.5 hours long.

Will the recommended laboratory testing be covered by insurance?
Tests that are ordered from conventional labs, such as Quest or LabCorp, will be covered at your usual rate if you have a PPO.

In addition, Dr. Chandra often uses tests from specialized laboratories to obtain more complete and sensitive measures of metabolic issues. The cost of these tests vary and Dr. Chandra does her best to minimize costs and clearly discuss payment options with her patients. Fees are always paid directly to the labs.

What conditions does Dr. Chandra see?
In general, Dr. Chandra sees children with developmental issues; children and adults with psychological challenges; and children and adults with certain chronic, complex illnesses. For a more complete listing of conditions that Dr. Chandra has experience treating, please see “Conditions Seen”. If you are unsure if Dr. Chandra would be able to treat your or your child’s condition, feel free to call our office.
Would Dr. Chandra be able to function as a primary care doctor?
Although Dr. Chandra uses a whole body perspective when addressing challenging psychological and medical issues, she does not provide primary care services, such as treatment for fevers, ear infections, etc. Her services do not substitute for primary medical care and patients are required to have a relationship with a primary medical doctor separate and apart from the work with Dr. Chandra.
Will you help me taper off my psychiatric medications?
Whenever appropriate, Dr. Chandra does help patients who are interested in coming off or reducing their dose and/or number of psychiatric medications. However, this is generally only done after a patient is in a stable condition and some work has been done to address underlying metabolic issues. So, the process of tapering is usually not done on the first or second visit.
Does Dr. Chandra do psychotherapy?
While Dr. Chandra believes that psychotherapy can be an integral part of treatment for many psychological conditions, she does not provide regular weekly therapy. If therapy is indicated for your or your child’s condition, Dr. Chandra will do her best to provide a suitable referral and coordinate care with the therapist.
Does Dr. Chandra prescribe psychiatric medications?
If you are on a fairly simple medication regimen (I.e. antidepressant), Dr. Chandra will be able take over the prescription(s) should you choose to work with her.

Patients who are on a more complex regimen (multiple psychiatric medications including mood stabilizers, and/or anti-psychotic mediations) or who require frequent medication adjustments may be required to maintain a relationship with the doctor who originally prescribed the medications or a psychopharmacologist (a psychiatrist who manages complex pharmaceutical regimens).

Do you prescribe long term antibiotics for Lyme disease or other tick borne infections, similar to ILADS doctors?
Dr. Chandra uses a gentle and holistic approach for managing symptoms associated with what is often labelled as chronic Lyme disease/tick borne illness or post Lyme/tick borne syndrome. She does not prescribe antibiotics. If antibiotics are indicated for your condition, she will refer you to another provider.
Can I do appointments over the phone or internet?
All patients are required to come in person for the initial visit. Patients who live in California have the option of doing phone or internet based visits in between in person appointments. Patients who reside in other states will have to come to the office for all appointments.

For Existing Patients

I recently had a first appointment with Dr. Chandra. When should I or my child come in for a follow up?
Dr. Chandra generally recommends coming in 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.
I have a follow up appointment scheduled. When should I complete the ordered test(s)?
Specialty lab tests should be completed at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment. Lab work through regular labs (LabCorp or Quest) should be done at least 2 weeks before the test.
Do I use the patient portal or email to send messages to your office?
Email is a convenient way to communicate with us regarding administrative issues and topics that do not involve any confidential medical information, such as scheduling, supplement orders, or billing issues.

Please use the patient portal for any medically related questions that contain confidential information. All messages containing medical information that needs to be reviewed by Dr. Chandra or included in your chart must be sent by the patient portal.

How do I sign onto the patient portal?
After you have received an email from MDHQ to create an account for the patient portal, you can sign on here.
How do I send messages from the patient portal?
To send a message regarding any medically sensitive information, please login to the patient portal and use the communications tab.  From there you can send your message and attach any pertinent documents. If you have any non-medically related inquiries such as scheduling or administrative questions, please contact us via email at
Will I be able to view lab orders and test results from the patient portal?
Yes, once your test results are reviewed by Dr. Chandra, they will be available from the patient portal. Remember that Dr. Chandra will contact you after reviewing the test results if there are any urgent issues. Most of the tests are for chronic imbalances and the out of range results will be addressed during your next scheduled visit.

You can view test results and ordered labs in the “Labs and Medical Info” section of the patient portal.

How do I upload medical information and documents to the patient portal?
To upload any medical information to the patient portal, please login to your patient portal and go to the “Documents” tab.  On the right hand side there is a button where you can click “Upload Documents”.
Where can I find and purchase the recommended supplements?
For the convenience of our patients, we are now carrying a number of supplements in the office and having other products drop shipped directly to patient’s homes. Many of the supplements are offered at 10-25% discount off the manufactures suggested price.

Patients are in no way obligated to purchase supplements from our office. As always, they are free to purchase these products from any trustworthy and reputable source, such as the supplements manufactures or another doctors office, that they may choose. However, we caution against purchasing supplement from any non-reputable third-party retailers where there may not be quality control about the authenticity of the product and conditions in which the supplements are stored and transported or their freshness.

If you need supplements in between visits, we will make every effort to send them within 24 hours after you have contacted our office and they should arrive within 2 business days in the Bay Area.

Existing patients may purchase supplements through our office by calling, emailing, or sending a message through the patient portal. For fastest processing, we recommend that you send an email to

I have new labs or other information that I would like to send to Dr. Chandra. How do I send this information to her?
Medical information, such as labs or medical records, must be sent by fax or uploaded on the patient portal. We cannot accept medical information by email.

Our office fax is 650-433-5870

I would like to share records from your office with another doctor or healthcare practitioner. What is the best way to do that?
Once you have registered with the patient portal, you will easily be able to print out all of your labs and treatment recommendations to share with your other treating providers at no charge.

Usually, this is sufficient information for other practitioners.

If you would like us to send more complete records to another office, please give us 7-10 business days to forward the records. There will also be a fee for all records sent from our office . The cost for records will generally be $10 to $30 depending on complexity.

To have records sent:   

  1. Complete, sign and upload the release onto the patient portal. You can also fax the release to 650-433-5870
  2. Send a message to our office indicating that you would like records sent. Please include the doctor’s name, phone number, and address and fax. Please also indicate that you give us permission to charge your credit card on file for sending the records.
I don’t recall if I have any testing I need to complete. Will I be able to get this information from the patient portal?
Yes, you will be able to view a requisition with the labs that Dr. Chandra ordered at the previous appointment on the encounter summary, found in your patient portal.
Where should I complete the tests that Dr. Chandra recommended?
For specialty test kits requiring blood draws, including kits from Genova diagnostics, IGENEX, Spectracell, etc., we strongly recommend that you use one of the following locations as the staff are familiar with most of the test kits:

  • Rima at San Carlos Quest (Call in advance to makes sure that Rima is available on the day and time that you plan to go to the station.) The San Carlos Quest will process Genova diagnostics, Doctor’s Data, and IGeneX kits.  They will not process Spectracell kits.  For other labs, please call the particular lab office directly
    • 1100 Laurel Street San Carlos CA 94070
    • (650) 593-9279
  • Open Medicine Institutes  (OMI is now requiring that appointments be made in advance for all pediatric blood draws.)
    • OMI completes all specialty test kits.
    • Mountain View (650-691-8633)
    • Lafayette (925-290-1822)

For routine blood work we recommend that you go to:

We have accounts with these lab draw stations and will have access to your test results and will be able to track them.

If you are planning on having the kits completed at another location, such as your local hospital, we recommend that you call them in advance to make sure that they are able to draw blood for the specified specialty kit.